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New Internal Project Partner Database to Come

: Published: April 1, 2020:

In the year 2018, HORIZONT3000 has undertaken its first intellectual capital report (Wissensbilanz). One main outcome and recommendation of it was to manage more systematically our information and knowledge about our local Partner Organisations.

So far, HORIZONT3000 has managed the various information and knowledge on Partner Organisations in different word files and documents. A more …

Golden Times for Knowledge Management

: Published: October 17, 2019:

We have a new companion in our office. Even though our new team member is quite small, it has received a lot of attention, which is probably linked to its shiny, golden presence. Yes, you might have guessed it: HORIZONT3000 has won an award! We are very excited to tell you more about it:: : The KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT 4 …

Pre departure - visiting the ABCstar Bloggerconference

This blogpost might seem a bit out of topic, but I hope that on a closer look you will see it fitting in this news section.: So, what happened? I attended a Conference for Blogger and Influencer, the ABCstar – Austrian Blogger Conference. I have some history with this event, but that is another story. As TAs …


On December 7, HORIZONT3000 together with the umbrella organization Global Responsibility and the KM4Dev Austrian Community, held an exchange forum on Knowledge Management under the titel: “Implementation of Knowledge Management, Sharing and Learning in NGDOs: Good-Practice-Examples and exemplary IT-Tools”. If you want to know more about it, check out the blog entry at the HORIZONT3000 website …


: Published: October 29, 2018:

On September 24th, our member organisation Dreikönigsaktion (DKA) held a workshop about the Enabling Rural Innovation Project (ERI) with Tumaini Matutu. Tumaini supports our partner organisation Act Mara in Tanzania as a project coordinator for ERI. During the workshop she gave us some insights about the project, their work and the people behind …

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